Video: The best vegan diet plan is no diet plan

What’s the best vegan diet plan? No diet plan.

What’s the best vegan diet plan? No diet plan. Veganism has become so closely associated with weight loss the two are nearly synonymous.
Personally, I think that’s a problem for the vegan community.

Veganism IS great for helping acheive and maintain a healthy weight.

But attaching specific body standards and holding them up as ideal is a recipe for failure. It’s also a recipe for failed vegans. 80% of people quit veganism in the first year, and most of them cite health as their main reason for going vegan.

We all know that diets are a big business. Over $60 billion USD is spent every year on diets in the US alone. And vegans are a big part of this. Thousands of books have been written about vegan weight loss diets.

Whatever happened to ethical veganism? It seems like most vegans are convinced that the best way to attract people to a more compassionate life is to tell them it will make them skinny.

Well, I disagree. You can be skinny without being vegan. And being vegan will not magically make you skinny. Also, diet’s like RawTill4 are so restrictive they can trigger eating disorders through their emphasis on perfect adherence and the negative changes in social patterns that can occur when vulnerable individuals become isolated by their eating habits.

By the way, as I mention in the video, I have nothing against fruit! I love fruit and I probably eat as much in a day as many RawTill4 people do. But it’s actually the diet “plan” that I have the problem with. It’s one thing to eat a lot of fruit – but it’s quite another to be scared of eating fat and cooked foods (I guess you can have cooked food after four, but still). Oh, not to mention chocolate, chickpeas beans and lentils (say what?). And severely limit salt intake (this last one would definitely be a deal breaker for me, since my blood pressure is extremely low and salt actually prevents me from fainting every time I stand up).

Anyway, it’s just a thought, but maybe it’s time we return to ethics as the focus of veganism and stopped pushing vegan diet plans for weight loss. This is definitely not to knock actual vegan nutritionists out there that are doing great work helping teach other people to eat healthy food and live a balanced lifestyle. And that is fantastic. What we DON’T need is more vegan weight loss diets that attempt to eliminate whole food groups in the hopes of boring people into losing weight.

Life is short, and I think we should be spending our time here working to bring happiness to ourselves and others. And since diets don’t really make anyone happy, maybe it’s time to ditch them for good, learn to love ourselves, live healthy, and find better things to spend our time on.

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2 Responses to “Video: The best vegan diet plan is no diet plan

  • Thanks so much for stopping by, Mary Ellen. Of course you’re absolutely right! Vegan diets can and should be healthy and balanced. You are such a great voice for healthy living and sound nutrition. We need more vegan nutritionists like you!

  • I’ve been dealing with this subject in my nutrition classes. Many of my professors say how people on a vegan diet think that their diet is perfect and how much weight they lost on it. We need to show veganism can be healthy but not be extra restrictive like no fat or all fruit and other things that you spoke about. I talk in my classes more about the ethical side so my classmates understand why so many vegans choose this lifestyle. I think any diet that is too restrictive gets into the weightloss category and that’s not what veganism is to many of us. Diets are stressful but veganism can be a healthy way of life so long as people are doing it the right way. 🙂

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