Video: Is almond milk vegan? What about bees?

More on this week’s burning question: is almond milk vegan? I made a video this morning to go with Monday’s blog post on almonds and the environment.

The video is packed with new research, and will leave you with plenty of ammunition for anyone who criticizes you for drinking almond milk. So grab a glass of your favourite dairy free beverage and enjoy:

This video definitely vindicates almond milk. If you eat a lot of almonds, I wouldn’t really worry about it, unless they represent a major part of your diet. In which case, you probably have other problems.

(I don’t know about you, but I can’t eat that many almonds anyway. For some reason I love them, but they don’t love me – especially if I overdo it!)

People seem to have really enjoyed this video so far. I like making this kind of video because I love doing research. But I’m never sure if it bores people. Thankfully, at least in this case, it seems to have kept people’s interest.

I’m actually considering doing a post on cashews as well. I don’t know if you have heard about this yet, but there’s a bit of a controversy going on over the danger to workers who process cashews. Spoiler alert: my preliminary research reveals that cheap cashews aren’t processed by hand, so they aren’t hurting anyone – it’s the “fancy” ones that are the problem.

I think these stories are only going to become more common as dairy alternatives go mainstream. I honestly think the dairy industry is beginning to feel the threat from plant-based products. If you think about it, it’s pretty amazing that almond milk is such a big seller, in spite of lacking hefty dairy subsidies!

Vegan products aren’t automatically superior, but it makes sense to reserve judgement until you’ve had a chance to do get a second opinion. And I think it makes sense to grant plant foods “innocent until proven guilty” status. After all, they emit oxygen and capture carbon – unlike animals, which emit methane along with a number of other unmentionables!

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2 Responses to “Video: Is almond milk vegan? What about bees?

  • Mr Toard
    1 year ago

    When you speak about use of cultivated bees in the use of pollination you just take it for granted that people each such products….yet one could just say the same thing for meat, dairy, etc. The crops that require this sort of pollination aren’t necessary for you to consume… what makes them vegan but not honey? Its clearly inconsistent to avoid honey “because bees” but not do the same for almonds, etc.

    • I just want to make sure I understand your question. If we didn’t eat any honeybee pollinated foods we’d starve, or at the very least live vastly poorer lives. It’s simply not practical at this time. Wild bee colonies have been essentially wiped out thanks to pesticides, etc. I avoid honey because we have no reason to take it from bees. If we encouraged wild honeybee colonies near almond groves, it would solve the whole problem, but there need to be other crops nearby for the bees to eat when the almonds aren’t in bloom. I find the current status of the commercial pollination industry somewhat wasteful – many bees are lost in the process and there are better solutions, but they haven’t been explored because it’s understandably easier to maintain the status quo. I’m not vehemently anti-honey or anything, I just don’t see the reason for it, and most of the health benefits of honey are vastly overstated.

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