Video: Alligator attacks & vegan pet ownership

I hope we can all agree that animals like alligators shouldn’t be pets. But few people realize that pitbulls and rottweilers kill 40 times more people each year than alligators do. Vegan pet ownership may be a controversial within veganism, but hopefully there are some animals we can agree shouldn’t be bred as pets. This video contains my modest proposal regarding what we might do to address this situation.

I’d like to note that, since making this video, I have done some additional research on spaying and neutering.

I believe it’s important for people with pets to know that alternatives to castration exist that are less intrusive and likely better for the animal, such as vasectomies for dogs.

I found this article on the health consequences of spaying and neutering very helpful:… It shouldn’t be that surprising, but obviously removing any animals reproductive organs will have repercussions extending beyond fertility.

Still, I think that reasonable people may be able to come to an agreement regarding dog breeds that are unsuitable for a modern domesticated environment. In the same way that our society is rethinking gun control, we need to consider the morality of keeping deadly [living] weapons in our homes.

Pets are a cornerstone of the vegan lifestyle. Many people come to believe in animal rights because of their relationship with companion animals. But does that make it right?

If we’re being honest, we probably can admit keeping a pit bull as a sentient deterrent to burgers, etc., qualifies as animal exploitation. “But vegan pet ownership is different!” Is the refrain I often hear from people who live with companion animals. This is always shortly followed by “we love our pets!”

I have no doubt that most people who live with companion animals love their pets. And since the choice for most animals living in shelters is adoption or death, I think we can safely say that adoption is the better choice!

This isn’t a problem that can be solved overnight. But I hope people who care about animal rights can gather together to advocate:

  1. an end to breeding pets for profit, and
  2. widespread efforts to encourage pet population control, particularly for animals that are ill-suited to a domesticated environment.

Humans have been domesticating dogs for 15,000 years. But that doesn’t mean change is impossible. Today we recognize human slavery as a terrible evil. I personally hope the same will someday be true of pet ownership.

I wish to clarity again that I am not advocating euthanasia or re-introduction to the wild. Instead, I believe the best path forward is to gradually reduce the huge number of domesticated animals that are under our care. As the case of pit bulls indicates, this would likely be beneficial to both humans and companion animals.

For the time being, vegan pet ownership is probably a necessary evil. But this doesn’t mean we can’t begin to address the issue in a constructive way.

I’m very interested in what others think about this issue! Do you think we should continue to encourage domesticated animals to breed? Or is this something we should phase out? Please let me know what you think!

Thanks for watching!

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