Veganism Is Not “THE” Solution to the World’s Problems

Vegans often offer veganism up as the answer to all of the world’s ills. Want world peace? Go vegan! Worried about global warming? Go vegan! Are you fat? Go Vegan! Sick? GO VEGAN!

But veganism isn’t sufficient to solve the greatest task before humanity. Our most important mission in life is end preventable suffering. And of course, veganism goes a long way in helping solve this problem. And as Philosopher David Pearce often reminds us, ending the animal agriculture death complex is one of the fastest ways humanity can course correct for centuries of causing needless pain and suffering to others. But veganism alone isn’t enough. It is not “THE” solution the world is looking for.

The Problem with Veganism as a Stand-Alone Solution

One of the biggest problem with veganism is that tendency many of us have to become preoccupied with our own personal purity. Of course, this can interfere with the ultimate goal of veganism, which is eliminating unnecessary suffering. Unable to direct our energies outward in a positive way, we can become obsessed with ritualistic purity. Instead of sharing our convictions with others in a positive way, through vegan outreach and activism, we focus on minutiae that move neither the world nor veganism forward.

Placing undue emphasis on the actions of others is a huge distraction. And it has the very real consequence of making non-vegans consider veganism an ethical decision that is not practicable in the real world.

The constant focus of vegans should be on preventing the unnecessary suffering of all sentient beings everywhere. And we should make a conscious decision to pour our energies into pursuing those goals. Perfectionism is exhausting and counterproductive. Let’s focus on progress, before

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