Did Veganism cause the Brangelina breakup?

Did Veganism cause the Brangelina breakup? Should vegans date non-vegans?

Firstly, I should clarify that I rather doubt Brad Pitt is vegan, in spite of rumours spread on well-meaning vegan websites that want us to believe that a myriad of good-looking celebrities are vegan.

Still: were he vegan, what would that mean for his relationship? Brad Pitt has stated in the past that he is vegetarian, though he appears to have started eating meat again. We do know that Angelina Jolie tried being vegan, but quit because she didn’t feel well.

The Brangelina breakup might not be about veganism, but our beliefs influence our relationships

Regardless of whether veganism had anything to do with the Brangelina breakup, do relationships between vegans and non-vegans work? Is dating non-vegans a good idea? In this video I discuss the importance of shared values to any relationship.

While I would not go so far as to say vegans shouldn’t date non-vegans, I think it’s important to recognize that it can be a challenge. Especially if children are involved.

Diet can have a greater influence on our lives than religion

In some ways our eating habits influence our lives more than religion. Perhaps this is why so many religions make diet a focus! Eating is a shared experience we engage in frequently, and it’s an important aspect of human bonding.

If you have a deep dedication to not eating certain foods, it is bound to bother you if you see your spouse eating those foods. Some people believe that it’s no big deal, but I’m a bit dubious. If you are a health vegan, it’s less of an issue.

It may bother you more than you think

I thought I was immune to this, to be honest. For the first few months I was vegan, I tried to convince myself it’s not a big deal to go out with family members and watch them eat meat. But it is.

I still remember being with my family at a fried chicken restaurant here in town (Mary Brown’s). I was having some potatoes while they ate chicken. Something about watching the bones of the chicken sent a shiver down my spine and I felt sick. I tried to ignore it, but I realized I couldn’t do this anymore. Fortunately, shortly thereafter they decided to stop eating fried chicken on their own!


I went vegan over 10 years into my relationship, so I understood that this was a serious life change that would impact my family. Fortunately, my family (and my husband in particular) is very interested in veganism, so I think it’s put minimal strain on our relationship.

If you’re vegan and dating someone, I think it’s important to make it clear how much it matters to you. It’s not fair to you or your partner to downplay the significance of your values.

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