Is Vegan YouTube Drama Making You Sick? Video.

Is Vegan YouTube Drama Making You Sick? A new study out of Brown University demonstrates that Negative Facebook Experiences (NFE’s) can lead to depression. This has implications for all social networks, not just Facebook.


The benefits and drawbacks of social media

Social media is very valuable because it allows us to connect with each other. But the flip side of this is that we can also have negative experiences that can damage relationships and lead to depression.

We’ve all seen what happens when YouTubers experience a lot of negativity. Many quit or take breaks (which can be a good thing).

Vegan YouTube drama can be especially harmful

In the video linked above, I talk about self-care and self-preservation. It’s vital to ensure you have a healthy balance in your life, whether you are a YouTube creator or a viewer.

One of the challenges with vegan YouTube drama is that the vegan YouTube community is a real community. And that has benefits and serious drawbacks. Having a vegan community can make us feel less isolated, but it can compound feelings of loneliness if we feel ostracized.

It’s easy for negative voices to overwhelm you. Especially since trolls are by nature outspoken.

You aren’t immune, so protect yourself

Remember, no matter how impervious you feel to YouTube drama, it’s important to treat yourself kindly and limit the amount of negativity in your life.

Even if you’re just watching videos, it’s impossible not to be affected by massive amounts of negativity. It’s vital to step back occasionally and regain perspective. Find positive people that support you and ensure the majority of your subscriptions are to people who build you up, not tear you down. Try to make friends you trust are working to make a positive difference in the world.

Life is short. Take good care of yourself, find supportive, positive people and always make sure you have more positive than negative interactions online.

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