Video: Violence has no place in veganism

The goal of veganism is ending the suffering and violent death of sentient beings everywhere. The stereotypical “angry vegan” is at odds with this definition – but pales in comparison to the rise of a far darker phenomenon: the violent vegan.

Over the past couple of weeks, a well-known vegan personality known as DurianRider (if you have no idea who he is, consider yourself blessed) has been making very serious unfounded accusations regarding another YouTuber – Eisel Mazard – whose channel is called à-bas-le-ciel.

DurianRider has long been a provocative voice in the angry vegan movement. His videos get lots of views, and he’s made a very good living off of bashing other vegans (and pretty much everyone else).

Angry vegan activists are entitled to freedom of speech

I believe very strongly in free speech, even when used in a way I think does the vegan community a disservice.

Free speech encourages a diversity of opinions and gives us the ability to criticize the powerful.

And I might not always like it, but we live in a society which often rewards showmanship and loud obnoxious behaviour over hard work and dedication (witness one Mr. Donald Trump). DurianRider has the right to  tease, deride and cajole.

Drawing the line

But in this case, DurianRider is inciting his followers to commit violence based on hearsay. And this crosses a very serious line. As vegans we cannot stand by and allow this sort of behaviour, and I think it is vital that we separate ourselves from DurianRider.

The people who disagree with violent tactics and unfounded accusations are not “haters,” as DR loves to call them. They are vegans who are tired of having the movement hijacked by attention-seeking hawkers of miracle diets.

To get an idea of what Eisel Mazard has been through over the past few weeks, you can check out his YouTube channel here.

I want to make it clear that although this video only addresses DurianRider’s accusations concerning Eisel, he is far from the only person that has faced wild public accusations from DR.

Speak for those who cannot speak for themselves

If you are a vegan & active in social media, please pause and consider the consequences when you upload your views. The internet is forever – you can delete your posts but it will never change the record of your actions. In a society where you can use your voice in anyway you choose, I hope you will choose to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.


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