Vegan Vaseline Rosy Lips Therapy

Finding vegan lip balm and chapstick can be a pain. Most chapstick contains beeswax, and if it’s tinted, it’s usually done with carmine (crushed up bugs). But there are still some affordable vegan options out there. Which is great, because I use a lot of lip balm!
vaseline rosy lips therapy
If you are looking for an affordable option, Vaseline makes lip balms free from animal products. I recently saw this product featured on Pretty Shiny Sparkly. I love Kristina’s blog, but I don’t often see her featuring vegan items in her “what’s in my bag” posts. I thought this lip balm was particularly cool, and apparently everyone else think so too – it’s almost sold out everywhere I looked online! Vegan Vaseline Rosy Lips Therapy comes in a cute little tin and costs just $3.47 CDN.

On a related note, everyone feels differently about animal testing. As I noted in my post Vegan vs. Cruelty-Free Cosmetics, I take into account both whether an item is vegan and if it’s tested on animals. Many certified “cruelty-free” products still contain animal ingredients, so it’s up to the individual consumer to decide their own priorities. Personally, I buy vegan products from non-vegan brands whenever possible, because it shows there’s a demand for vegan items. Vaseline’s parent company, Unilever, engages in animal testing where required by law (such as in China), or when using new ingredients. This product, however, contains no “novel” ingredients, so it’s not tested on animals. As a result, I’d consider it vegan, but not necessarily cruelty-free (since Unilever is connected to animal testing).

What is your position on companies that test on animals? Would you buy from them, or do you prefer to only buy from companies that don’t test?

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