You Asked: What’s In My Vegan Makeup Bag?

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Transitioning to Vegan Makeup

When I went vegan, I pledged that I would only buy vegan makeup from then on. However, I don’t like throwing away stuff that works, so it’s taken a while to transition my collection, since I can’t justify throwing away anything that’s still in use.
Makeup brushes are the one exception. I don’t like using animal hair on my face, plus I think animal hair brushes are much poorer quality than synthetic. Most of my brushes are from Sephora’s Pro line (check to make sure, but nearly all of the brushes in that collection are synthetic). Fortunately, I also have a few synthetic brushes I’ve been using for decades.
I have an ancient Bobbi Brown synthetic eyebrow brush (not pictured, I forgot it!) I adore and have had for 20 years. You read that right: 20 years. It’s amazing how long good makeup brushes last!!

My Favourite Vegan Products

When it comes to cosmetics, there are a few brands I tend to rely on. Nearly all of Kat Von D’s makeup is vegan and cruelty-free, and long-wearing. I also love Tarte (they do use beeswax and carmine in some products, but they have a vegan makeup guide on their website that is very helpful). I’ve also recently discovered Pür Minerals, which has quite a few vegan products, including a really good vegan makeup primer that works like a charm. I love their pressed powder, too. It absorbs oil well and lasts all day.
Pacifica is new to me, but I love their products, and I think when I replace my blush and eyeshadow, it will be with Pacifica products. Right now I’m using their “Aquarian Gaze” water-resistant mascara and I love it. It stays put (even if you have deep-set eyes like mine), but is also easy to remove at night. If you’re looking for volume, then it’s not the mascara for you. But I like lengthening, non-clumping mascara, and it’s a holy grail product if that’s what you’re after.
And if you’re wondering: yes, that’s all my makeup and skin care (except for a blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick that aren’t vegan that I’m using up). I also have an exfoliating washcloth that I forgot to talk about in the video that I absolutely LOVE. I should do a video on zero waste and talk about that! As far as makeup goes, I’ve seen some people who have a lot more, and some who get by with nothing but lip balm (Emily from Bite Size Vegan only wears homemade lip balm, and as far as I’m concerned, she always looks gorgeous).
I’ve loved makeup my entire life. But I’ve never had a lot of makeup, because I’m very loyal once I find products I love.

My Makeup Priorities

I love wearing makeup, but my number one concern (after how it looks, obviously) is how long it lasts. If I have to reapply makeup (even lipstick or powder) during the day, I’m seriously annoyed. To me, makeup should go on in the morning and last all day. All of these products last really well, with the exception of the Kat Von D Everlasting Lipstick in Nosferatu. Unfortunately, it comes off on everything and is nothing like the rest of her lipstick. The Everlasting Lipstick in Double Dare is my favourite colour of all time and looks great all day.
Buying vegan makeup is actually one of the easiest aspects of  going vegan. Sure, you need to do a little research ahead of time (I strongly recommend using the website Ethical Elephant to see if products are vegan and cruelty free), but these days you can find a vegan and cruelty free version of pretty much everything. Waterproof mascara is the hardest to find, because nearly all mascara has beeswax. But Pacifica has solved that problem for me.
There are still the times when a product you want to try has some sort of bizarre animal ingredient (like that Charlotte Tilbury Mascara with oyster juice). But hopefully more makeup artists will go vegan! It’s pretty amazing that Kat Von D is vegan herself, and has pledged to transitioning her entire line to vegan. 

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