Vegan Food Favorites – Sayer dates & Yoso yogurt

I thought I’d share my vegan food favorites for the month of June, a long with a tip on when to find great deals on some (usually) pricey vegan food.

Ramadan Sales

One of the tips I share in the video is that Ramadan is an amazing time of the year to buy dates (whether you are muslim or not!). A lot of stores have begun offering special deals for different holidays around the world, including Chinese New Year, Ramadan and a variety of Indian holidays. This is amazing, because it mean great deals on a lot of ethnic vegan food.

Dates are an unbelievable deal during Ramadan. You can choose any variety, but I chose pitted Sayer dates, because they have a great shelf life and they are easy to use in recipes.

Yoso Coconut Chocolate Yogurt

I’ve also been enjoying Yoso Yogurt – particularly the coconut chocolate variety. In the past, I stuck pretty religiously to strawberry coconut So Delicious yogurt, but I thought I’d branch out. Yoso is a Canadian company, but it seems to be growing fast – they have distribution at nearly every large Canadian grocery store, and if other vegan brands from Canada (like Gardein) are any indication, it’s likely they’ll be in the US soon.

I do hope they reformulate their vanilla coconut yogurt, though. It’s pretty weird, and you’ll have to listen to the video to hear what I think it tastes like.



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