Calling In & Calling Out: Building a Positive Vegan Community

Do call out videos help us build a better community? Are they worth it? Today I’d like to talk about the future of veganism on YouTube and my conviction that we all need to work a little harder to build a more positive vegan community¬†(starting with my own channel).

“Call Out” Culture in the Virtual Vegan Community

The culture of calling out is everywhere in the vegan community. This isn’t exactly something that only on exists on YouTube. Vegans (and other groups that place a high value on There is an entire genre of “call-out” or response videos that are meant to name and shame those some perceive to have misbehaved or let down the vegan community.

But I think there is more than one way to inspire people to change. Going forward, I will make a point of targeting ideas, not individuals. I may make exceptions for exceptionally egregious behaviour that I believe is harmful to the movement (and progress in general). I will also make exceptions for what I consider to be constructive dialogue and debate, but overall, I want to contribute to a more positive online atmosphere.

Kindness has been critical to me ever since starting my channel. I always have wanted ModVegan to be a positive place where vegans and none vegans can meet to share ideas about a better future.

But I’m also a highly opinionated individual, with powerful convictions and a desire to make this world a better place. When I see something I believe is wrong, I say something.

This doesn’t mean pretending things are okay when there aren’t, or avoiding controversy. We build positive community when we address ideas, instead of attacking individuals. So that’s something I want to be particularly careful about going forward.

What do you think? Join the conversation!

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