Try eating vegan this Earth Day

Try eating vegan this Earth Day! If you love the planet and want preserve it for future generations, there’s no change more powerful than adopting a plant-based diet. And if you aren’t already eating fewer animal products, even cutting back just a little bit can make a huge difference.


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People cut back on animal foods for a number of reasons. These often include: heart health, weight loss and reducing animal suffering. But one of the most consistently convincing reasons to reduce your support of animal agriculture is to help the environment.

The True Cost of Eating Animals

Raising animals for food uses a lot more resources than you’d think. When animals consume food, it doesn’t all get turned into meat. Much is converted into waste matter and greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, animal agriculture is responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. That is more than all the transportation in the world combined!(source: It also uses massive water resources, and creates an unbelievable amount of waste products (in the US, livestock produces 130 times the quantity of human waste – ugh)(source:

Try eating vegan this Earth Day, and “Don’t do nothing because you can’t do everything” – Colleen Patrick Goudreau

If you haven’t seen the documentary film Cowspiracy, I strongly recommend it. The movie is available free on Netflix. Cowspiracy presents the environmental reasons to adopt a plant-based diet in very straightforward way. It’s had a tremendous impact on people’s decision to try reducing the meat, dairy, eggs and fish in their diets. It was a major part of my husband’s decision to adopt a flexitarian diet (he still eats animal products occasionally). And one of my favourite things about the film is how hopeful it is – small changes can really add up.

The changes suggested by most environmentalists seem both gruelling and insignificant. Getting rid of fluorescent bulbs, taking shorter showers, avoiding air travel – these things seem onerous, and are also unlikely to have any real impact on global warming.

According to National Geographic, Vegans inadvertently save 600 gallons of water per day (220,000 per year) just by following a plant-based diet. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather save 600 gallons of water per day by eating vegan, than obsess about every time I forget to turn off the water when I’m brushing my teeth.

Changing your diet is possible for everyone, and it makes a tremendous difference that you can feel really good about.

Celebrate this Earth Day with a tasty plant-based meal, grab some popcorn, and watch Cowspiracy! You’ll be amazed to see how much of a difference even the tiniest changes in your diet can make.


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