The Keg goes vegan!

Well, not quite. But it’s still a major step forward. The Keg is a leading Canadian steakhouse known for its friendly atmosphere and…steak. For some time they have not had any vegan or vegetarian entrées on their menu (unless you call salads entrées).

Last week, after a particularly disappointing meal, I used their online customer feedback to let them know I thought they could do better. I was exceedingly polite – letting them know I loved their restaurant, but couldn’t find anything to eat there (wine and dry bread really don’t make much of a meal. There aren’t any salad dressings aren’t vegan, so I’m usually stuck with dry spinach with strawberries. Not that exciting, though I’m sure a pile of fresh greens would please the more health-conscious).

But, truth be told, I’m not that health conscious. My veganism is ethical, and I love a decadent restaurant meal as much as the next person. I just want it to be animal-free. So, salads don’t really cut it.

I thought my days dining at The Keg were over, until I received a call the next day from the manager. He informed me I’d been heard, and they were  adding a vegetarian (but vegan friendly – just ask for no cheese) item to the menu – on Monday! The new item – Roasted Portobello Mushrooms – contains Asiago cheese, which can be omitted, resulting in a vegan entrée.

Sure enough, it’s there on the menu this morning (see the bottom of the list):


Keg Vegetarian Vegan OptionSometimes it’s easy to feel like your work is going nowhere. I’ve been filling out the online feedback at The Keg for several weeks, asking them to add a vegetarian/vegan entrée. I was beginning to think it was not something they weren’t willing to consider.

After Saturday’s call from the manager, I did a little happy dance. But I didn’t fully believe it until I saw it on their website this morning. So I’m feeling rather triumphant at the moment. It’s my first little vegan victory, so pardon me as I bask in my little coup.

I believe every small step forward as something to be celebrated. And it’s important to remember – as I reminded the manager on Saturday – that plenty of the people who go to steakhouses aren’t even meat eaters. They simply have friends, loved ones or business colleagues who like meat, and are left attempting to find an alternative. Offering meatless options is a great way to include more customers, especially now that many diners are choosing healthier options.

Thank you, Keg, for listening to customer feedback!

So, vegans and vegetarians: next time your friends drag you to The Keg, rejoice! Enjoy the great service and try the Portobello Mushrooms.

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