Stephen Colbert is Vegan! (For 17 days…he lost a bet).

Stephen Colbert is vegan! For the next 17 days…because he lost a bet. Colbert announced during an interview with Woody Harrelson on his Late Night show that he’d gone vegan…that morning. This came as somewhat of a surprise, since Colbert is fairly well-known for his tendency to make easy pot-shots at veganism.  He then explained that he had lost a bet (perhaps to his friend Jon Stewart?).

Regardless of how Colbert arrived at his decision – and while it seems likely to remain a temporary endeavour – I say vegans should embrace it. Why? First of all, Colbert has a giant platform. And while I’m sure the entire thing is just a big joke to him at this point, people can change. Most of us were die-hard carnists before going vegan, and I was certainly no exception. I honestly thought bacon was a food group, and the secret ingredient in my Mac and Cheese was bacon grease (I wish I could say I was kidding. I will never forget the look of horror on the face of our Muslim babysitter – whom I thankfully warned before she ate the mac and cheese – when I informed her of that fact. I have since mended my ways, but I’m sure she thought I was a complete barbarian).

My point being, yes, Stephen Colbert makes fun of vegans. But so did I, before I was one. And while I can sympathize with vegans who roll their eyes at this news, consider this: Colbert is not claiming that he is vegan, or that he’s seen the light. He’s lost a bet, and so he has to live as a vegan for three weeks. I’m sure for many this makes his temporary vegan journey even less convincing, but I actually think it makes it more interesting. Sure, I’m sure he’ll “do it wrong”, but even if Stephen Colbert is vegan for only a short time, he has an opportunity to discover the vegan lifestyle without the preconception that it will somehow magically make him young and beautiful.

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