Review: Follow Your Heart Vegan Egg

I’ve been waiting to try the Follow Your Heart Vegan Egg for months! Here in Canada, it’s the “Earth Island” Vegan Egg, but the two products are identical. So at long last, I finally got my hands on some, and our entire family tried it, to mixed – but mostly positive – reviews (and it turns out the second time was the charm).

Overall, Follow Your Heart’s Vegan Egg is a great product for vegans who’ve been missing the familiar flavour and texture of  scrambled eggs. Follow Your Heart’s Vegan Egg is actually a yellow powder made from algal flour and black salt (the black salt is what gives it an eggy flavour). In order to make the eggs, you simply mix two tablespoons of powder with 1/2 cup of cold water, blend, and pour into the pan. It takes a few minutes longer to cook than a traditional chicken’s egg (about six minutes), but produces an “egg” of convincing consistency.

What we liked best about the Vegan Egg

The egg has great texture, especially when slightly cooled. In fact, I think they are best cold! Eggs are a great vehicle for flavours, and that’s really why we bought this product. My husband loves making scrambled eggs with tomatoes and onions, or scrambled eggs mixed with fried potatoes. The first time we made these eggs, we used a little too much “egg” – 1 vegan egg per person (there are four of us).

This morning, my husband made the eggs for a second time and he used 1 Vegan Egg and about 1 1/2 cups of hash browns. The egg was still able to hold the potatoes together, but it was much less “eggy” and we like it that way.

 What we didn’t like

One thing we quickly realized the first time we made these is that we actually don’t particularly miss the TASTE of eggs, but rather the texture. If you haven’t eaten eggs in a long time, this might seem too egg-like for you (yeah, it’s a thing, apparently!). So, overall, our family realized we just aren’t huge fans of eggs, and never were.

When we made them the second time (using more “flavouring” – onions, potatoes, etc.) and less of the vegan egg, it was a huge hit. I recommend mixing the product with other flavours, using onion, tomato, etc., and using a bit less than you might have used of “real” eggs.

If you live in the US, you can get a Two-Pack of Follow Your Heart’s Vegan Egg here (Amazon USA) for a pretty great price (it’s about half what it costs here in Canada!).

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