Raising Healthy Vegan Kids

My kids have been eating a vegan diet for about a year. It’s been a wonderful experience for them. Today I’d like to share some of my top tips for raising vegan kids, and for learning about proper health and nutrition.

How raising our children vegan has worked for us

Going vegan as a family has been a great opportunity to teach our children about our values in a consistent way. It’s hard to tell your kids to be kind to animals once they figure out that they’re eating them! As vegans, you have an extra opportunity to be consistent in creating a compassionate, non-violent environment and teaching your kids about what it means to live an ethical life.

Most children want to be kind to animals. But sometimes they need a little help. In this video, I recommend giving children a multitude of health options to choose from, while keeping an eye on their nutrition and offering them vegan treats that give vegan kids an opportunity to enjoy a little indulgent and compassionate cuisine.

Resources I recommend for raising healthy vegan kids

The Vegan Society has excellent resources on vegan health and nutrition. Their guide for pregnant mothers and small children is particularly thorough. If you have teenagers, this guide from the Vegan Society has specific information for this demographic.

Finally, the most esteemed organizations in the world acknowledge that a vegan diet is healthy at ever stage of life. This includes the Harvard School of Public Health, which recently stopped recommending milk consumption for anyone – not just vegans! And although their “Kid’s Healthy Eating Plate” includes non-vegan options, I would recommend using it as a guide and simply choosing the plant based alternatives they recommend. It’s very easy to follow this guide and simply choose vegan foods for your kids. Obviously just ignore the part about animal proteins, and choose the plant-based sources instead (which Harvard actually recommends anyway!).

I hope this information is helpful. Do any of you plan to raise your kids vegan? Do you have any suggestions for what has worked for you? Please share in the comments!

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