Racism has no place in the vegan community

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

As vegans we are accustomed to speaking out in support of other beings that cannot speak for themselves. But what about our fellow human beings?

Racism and veganism are diametrically opposed, but that sort of cognitive dissonance doesn’t prevent from vegans from expressing hateful racist views.

Racist Vegans

Cory McCarthy, a vegan bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast, became an example of this about a week ago when he published a video on his views about America being made “by whites for whites”. This repugnant view is also shared by the Golden One, an extreme right-wing nationalist YouTuber whose ravings are something to behold. The Golden one’s also vegan, so I think we can dispel the notion that racists vegans don’t exist. They do.

Vegans need to speak out against racism and hate speech within the vegan community

I don’t like to give these people attention, which is one reason why I barely mention them in my video, except to say why their views are so wrong, and to encourage other vegans to speak out about this. Like violence, racism has no place in the vegan community, and racists like Cory and the Golden One need to know they will not receive support or acceptance from vegans.

I believe this is a topic vegans need to be vocal about. Racism and speciesim are two sides of the same repulsive coin and they need to be clearly and openly rejected by good people everywhere.

Eisel Mazard’s first video on Cory McCarthy
“Racism exists within veganism; racist vegans exist; discuss” (there’s a second one, if this isn’t enough to make you ill):

The Fake Trump Focus Group (the video is from HULU, not Buzzfeed, sorry):

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5 Responses to “Racism has no place in the vegan community

  • Some really inspirational people of colour in the vegan movement are Christopher Sebastian McJetters, Aph Ko (and Black Vegans Rock), Sistah Vegan aka Breeze Harper and Bryant Terry. The Bearded Vegans did a good podcast episode recently as well about the AR movement using ‘All Lives Matter’ and related issues. Thanks for posting 🙂

    • Thanks for the recommendations, Jenny! I do think that the vegan community is terribly, um, homogenous? at this point. I know Sistah Vegan, but that’s it from the list. I also like The Raw Access, but he’s probably a bit saltier 😉

      • He is pretty salty, but I have less of an issue with that than him using ‘fat’ as an insult and promoting Freelee.

        • I meant to add a sad face there, to make it less headmasterly! FTBG does make me very sad.

          • Freelee makes me sad too – and concerned…her diet is so restrictive, and very few people would lose weight eating unlimited fruit everyday – it would just make them miserable (I’ve noticed that she doesn’t actually follow her own diet, which makes sense). I guess the only positive thing is that she won’t go after people who are on her diet – like Julia Boer, who gained 50 kilos doing RT4. I have nothing against eating fruit, but the whole “you can look like me!” thing is ridiculous and unhealthy. Hopefully she’ll be a little nicer now that she has broken free from DR.

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