Plant-based Beyond Burger hits supermarket shelves

Beyond Burger – the latest revolutionary product from Beyond Meat – went on sale May 23, 2016, The New York Times Reported Sunday. The burger, which bleeds and even smells like meat – thanks to beet juice and special spices – already looks like it’s a hit.

One of the things I like best about the Beyond Burger is that it’s sold in the refrigerated meat section. According to the folks at Beyond Meat, this is a first for plant-based foods.

beyond burger

Beyond Burger image courtesy Beyond Meat

Beyond Burger will sell alongside regular meat products

I’m used to looking for meat alternatives in the tiny vegetarian section at our supermarket. But it’s definitely not an area people go to unless they are already interested in vegetarian foods. In order for plant-based foods to become serious contenders, they need to be visible and stand on their own alongside their flesh-based rivals.

Beyond Meat brings together chemists, biologists and engineers to create a “fresh” burger that will sell in the refrigerator case alongside traditional meat products.

The Beyond Burger earns its place in the refrigerator section: it’s perfect for barbecues, as the video on their website shows.

Some vegetarians and vegan aren’t interested in plant-based meats. And that’s fine. Personally, I love them.

Meat alternatives make going vegan easier

Products like Gardein Chick’n Tenders are a major reason our family has been able to transition easily to a plant-based diet. In fact, we tried Yves hot dogs for the first time on Victoria Day here in Canada, and they were awesome! My youngest actually liked them BETTER than hot dogs (she’s our picky eater – last year she refused to eat a polish sausage and had the plain bun instead). Anyway, being able to eat regular summer treats is a great way to bring kids (and significant others) on board when you’re changing your eating habits.

For the sake of the planet and the animals, I hope omnivores flock to these plant-based burgers, which promise all the flavour of a traditional burger, without the cruelty, cholesterol, water waste and health risks.

So, if you haven’t tired a meat alternative, it sounds like Beyond Burger would make a great start. New York Times food writer Mark Bittman actually claims he can’t taste the difference between Beyond Burger and the real thing!

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