My Pixie Cut: Now What?

A haircut is just a haircut. Unless it’s a pixie. If it’s a pixie – be prepared for an avalanche of opinion! Pixie cuts are the hairstylists equivalent of shock and awe. People love or hate them, but apathy towards pixies is unusual, especially among men.

Personally, I’ve never had strong feelings about pixies either way. I think they look nice on some people, not so great on others. And I’ve always been a little surprised by the amount of attention celebrities receive for their haircuts. Katy Perry recently got a pixie herself, and then streamed an hour long interview in which she discussed the deeper significance of her haircut with a therapist. I found the interview rather eye opening, myself, because I didn’t realize someone as famous as Katy Perry could be so deeply affected by the public’s attitude towards something as superficial as a haircut.

So, I’m no Katy Perry, but today I thought I’d share my experience getting a short pixie cut for the first time in years. I’ll be talking about the reasons why I got the cut, some of the people who inspired me to do so (including my grandmother), as well as discussing how I feel about the cut, and some things to keep in mind in case you’re considering a shorter hair style yourself.


I’ve been debating this haircut in my head for at least four years, ever since House of Cards first came out on Netflix. I had a similar haircut in high school, and again my senior year of University. The high school haircut was very Winona Ryder circa “Girl, Interrupted,” and the one in University was a little more like this one. But I haven’t had it this short in at least a decade, so I can understand that it surprised some people.

And it definitely took some people by surprise. Even though I warned my kids before my hair appointment, they still exited the school bus with looks of sheer shock and awe on their faces. My oldest recovered the most quickly, and sardonically remarked that the next time I got a haircut, I’d be coming home bald. (You’ve probably been noticing that the length has been decreasing with every progressive cut since I joined YouTube last year).

It suits my style

I have a modern, minimalist aesthetic, but I also enjoy wearing bright colours, though I don’t use them much in decorating. I must say I love my new haircut. It works very well with my own personal style. In truth, I’m kind of a low-high maintenance person. I really like things to look good, but I don’t like putting much effort into them. Simply put, I’m really into effortless beauty. And there really isn’t another haircut that epitomizes my own personal style as well as a pixie cut.

It runs in the family

My grandmother cut her hair in around 1949 and has kept it between pixie length and a short bob since then. It looks fabulous on her, and if there’s one thing I remember about grandma growing up was that her short hair meant she was never afraid to get her hair wet, and she has never hesitated to jump in the lake and go for a swim with her grandkids. In fact, a few years ago when I was visiting her, we both went swimming in the icy Puget sound and I thought it was kind of thrilling that at 80 she didn’t think twice about it.

elizabeth taylor pixie cut

modvegan pixie haircut mod veganBelieve it or not, if there’s one thing your kids (and spouse) will remember about you, it’s how willing you were to get involved in activities. I’ve honestly found my hair a huge hindrance in this department. Some men and women adore their long locks and I admire the work and dedication they are willing to devote to their manes.

Extra benefits of a pixie cut

This will sound phenomenally lazy to many, if not most of you. But if there is one thing that has held me back from saying “yes” to life over the last few years, it’s been my hair. I have extremely thick, wavy hair that needs styling every day. As a busy mom, I resent the time I’ve had to spend on my hair each day. And when I don’t do it, I simply don’t feel pretty or confident. I don’t want my picture taken, I don’t want to record a video – I don’t even want to run into someone I know. Interestingly, makeup doesn’t really work this way. For one thing, it takes about 5 minutes to do my makeup. Or less. But even without makeup, if my hair is done, I feel like I can go out in public.

Short hair is not for everyone

Short hair is definitely not for everyone. Many people (and probably most women) absolutely adore taking time to style their hair. I don’t. I find it actually stands in the way of me being the best mom and wife I want to be. It’s hard for me to embrace life if I’m always self-conscious about my hair. And short hair (as paradoxical as this may seem to many) actually makes me feel infinitely more self-confident and ready to face the day.

Waking up in the morning these past few days has been absolutely amazing. I can look at my husband and feel pretty without a smidge of makeup. I can spend five minutes in the bathroom and feel fabulous. No, short hair is not for everyone, but it is most definitely for me.

Overall, the reviews have been positive. Of course, that may be because people are afraid to let their true feelings be known. But even if most people don’t like it,

Of course, there are the odd comments. And the look of sheer horror on my favourite barista’s face when he exclaimed “what made you cut off all your locks!”(yes, he literally called them “locks”).

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