Nikocado Avocado, Ex-Vegans and the Virtue of Moderation

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard that Nikocado Avocado has decided to ditch his vegan diet. Nikocado Avocado is a YouTuber who joins a long line of ex-vegans like Jordan Younger, aka “the Balanced Blonde,” and Alexandra Jamieson – who have said that veganism was too restrictive and bad for their health.

The interesting things is that nearly all of these ex-vegans were on extremely restrictive diets. Not restrictive because they excluded animal products – restrictive because they were mostly raw, very low in salt sugar and fat – and pretty much miserable.

Why I don’t Endorse Raw or Restrictive Diets

I don’t endorse Raw Vegan or RawTill4 diets because I believe they’re unnecessarily restrictive. Also, my work is about animal rights and veganism, not fad diets.

I might make a comment about health or diet here or there, but I’m not a registered dietitian, and neither are most of the people dispensing health advice on the internet.

The danger of restrictive diets

Eating healthy is important, and I obviously think everyone should take care of their bodies, get plenty of exercise and eat good food. But healthy eating can become an obsession, and I think an obsession with “the perfect diet” is one of the main reasons people abandon veganism.

Restrictive diets that focus on perfection can lead to eating disorders like orthorexia. It’s no joke, and it makes no sense to try to follow a diet that can’t be sustained long-term.

Nikocado Avocado doesn’t have to choose between two extremes

You don’t have to choose between being a raw vegan and eating fast food all day! There is a middle ground. And especially as a vegan, it’s important to know that food can be fun without hurting anyone!

There should be a place in your diet for comforting foods. There’s nothing healthy about eating only raw fruits and vegetables if it causes you to binge on fast food. Having balance and moderation in your life makes it worth living. A little bit of vegan ice cream now and then is lovely.

The charming Oscar Wilde once wisely said “everything in moderation, including moderation.” I heartily concur. Human beings enjoy a little indulgence now and then. And it can be lovely. In fact, having witnessed plenty of friends embark on “juice cleanses” over the years, I can safely say that the surest way to ensure gaining ten pounds is to go on a “cleanse”.

My final thoughts on balance and finding the middle way

So enjoy your faux meat and eat whatever you like. As long as its vegan, you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. If it doesn’t hurt anyone, it’s okay! Dairy ice cream or french fries aren’t health food, but nobody died to put them on your plate.

So before you decide you want to commit to a fad diet that requires tons of willpower, try the “middle way”. This middle way is not about casually eating animal products plant-based, reducetarian style. You can eat plenty of yummy, satisfying foods that also happen to make the world a better place. So tuck into that tofu dog, and celebrate the fact that being vegan is not about purity or the perfect diet. It’s about ending the exploitation of all animals everywhere.

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