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What a weekend. I spent a whole day trying to speed up this website. Google page insights informed me that it’s insanely slow, so I’ve been doing my best to make it a bit more user-friendly for you guys! I spent a lot of time (read, I am terrible at this sort of thing) on the task. And I came away with one brilliant insight: website optimization is not my special skill. I don’t think I will ever enjoy doing that sort of stuff. If you do, serious props. But I find it draining. And boring.

The other thing I decided to try this weekend for the first time was snapchat. Which was a lot more fun than the website optimization!

If you’re like me it, might feel like you’ve been hearing about the platform for years – usually in connection with teenagers who seriously lacking in judgement.
modvegan snapchat

But it turns out, Snapchat isn’t just for teenagers with boundary issues. It’s also a really fun way to see the people and organizations from a different perspective. If you haven’t tried it yet, I suggest you give it a chance.

Spoiler alert: the interface takes some getting used to. The other challenge? It’s kind of hard to find people to follow because the app has limited search function and seems to want you to find people yourself.

Two of my favourite snapchatters (animal rights related) is:

  • officialpeta – they post frequently and are good at keeping things entertaining.
  • mercyforanimals – is also great, but they don’t post as often as Peta does (what can I say, Peta has always excelled at social media)

If you’re on snapchat, please leave your snap name (or whatever it’s called!) in the comments section below so I can follow you. Also, if you’ve discovered any other awesome snapchatters, please share their names as well!

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