McDonalds Goes McVegan…in Finland

McDonald’s is testing a vegan burger at their location in Tampere, Finland, from October 4 through November 21. The new burger, dubbed the “McVegan” is fully vegan, and will be served alongside vegan fries as well (fries at McDonald’s are often cooked along with other products and thus are not usually fully vegan).

The McVegan has caught the world’s attention, since McDonald’s is well known for their animal-product laden menu. But it’s important to also remember that McDonald’s has a long history of being extremely adept at jumping on consumer trends. Vegan products are good for the environment, corporate image…and produce even healthier profit margins.

Heretofore, McDonald’s has offered vegetarian burgers in places like India, and according to McDonald’s Canada, they had a veggie burger available in Canada in the past, but cancelled it due to low sales. McDonald’s is hoping the tides have turned, and that this is the perfect time to launch a new veggie burger.

Nordic countries the perfect testing ground for the McVegan?

If you’re wondering why McDonald’s chose Finland as its testing ground for the McVegan, you might be interested to know that this isn’t their first foray into testing veggie burgers in Nordic countries.

McDonald’s tested the “McSpice” kidney-bean based burger in Norway earlier this year. No word as to how it went. But it’s interesting that McDonald’s chose neighbouring Finland as its testing ground for the McVegan. Clearly McDonald’s considers the Nordic countries the perfect place to test new offerings.

Veggie burgers have long been on the McDonald’s menu in other nations, including South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Hong Kong. But for some reason, Europe and the Americas have been largely forgotten. Perhaps McDonald’s is wary of upsetting meat producers on their home turf? Or could it be that veggies are less common in these areas? It’s hard to know. But one thing is for sure: if McDonald’s figures out a way to make higher profits consistently out of vegetable based foods, animal agriculture better watch its back.  Vegan fast food is on the rise!

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