Vegan Food At Ikea & Vegan Caviar Taste Test!

We all know Ikea is a great place to find cheap housewares, but what about vegan caviar? Today I share old standbys like veggie balls, plus my favourite holiday foods. Finally, I taste Ikea’s SJÖRAPPORT caviar – does it pass the test?

IKEA Veggie Balls

First up are veggie balls, a perennial Ikea favourite. When our family went vegan, I’m gonna be honest – the two hardest things to give up were probably Ikea meatballs and chicken nuggets. Fortunately, both these foods are pretty easy to find substitutes for!

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m a big fan of Yves Vegan Chicken Nuggets and Meatballs. But I also love that my family has a vegan meatball option at Ikea. And while I wish Ikea would explore a way to veganize their traditional Swedish Meatballs (especially after the terrible horsemeat scandal that upset veggies and meateaters alike), I’m glad there’s a vegan option in their cafeteria.


While it’s probably not much of a surprise that Ikea’s drink mixes are vegan, I think they’re worth mentioning because they are a wonderful zero waste alternative to soda. In our house we like to use sparkling water from our soda stream with a splash of one of Ikea’s drink syrups (they come in a variety of flavours, including Lingonberry and Elderflower). My personal favourite is the elderflower!

VINTERSAGA Gingerbread house Kit

My kids and I love to decorate a gingerbread house each year. But I like to make the focus of the event spending time with my kids and decorating – not spending hours in the kitchen.

While baking gingerbread from scratch is fun, it’s not easy to make a gingerbread house that way. Due to oven temperature shifts, etc., the dough often rises unevenly, and it’s a serious challenge to put together a house that will stand together easily. And don’t even get me started on making the chimney! Save yourself a serious hassle and buy the kit from Ikea.

You’ll still need to make your own icing and buy decorations, but I see that as a plus. Most icing contains egg white, which can be problematic if you are vegan or have allergies. And the same is true for the decorations. One of my daughters has food allergies, and finding a peanut-free kit is nearly impossible. Thankfully, Ikea’s kit avoids these issues, and you can easily decorate it with your kids favourite vegan candies (skittles, currants and miniature candy canes are popular in our house).

VINTERSAGA Gingerbread Dough

In the same vein, our kids love decorating gingerbread cookies for the tree. And so do I – as long as I haven’t spent hours ahead of time baking them. I’m not quite at the point where I buy the cookies pre-baked (although Ikea offers those as well!). But I definitely appreciate being able to simple defrost the dough and roll it out. The kids can then focus on choosing their favourite cookie shapes and decorating them. It’s a win for everyone, and the dough is not only super affordable, but vegan!

Ikea Marsipan

Ikea makes an affordable marzipan (almond paste) that I plan to use for making vegan almond croissants. Marzipan is usually vegan, but it’s often made on equipment that processes peanuts, which makes it unsuitable for our family. Thankfully, Ikea’s marzipan is peanut-free, making it a great choice for us.

Vegan Caviar

Consumers today are more conscious of the impact of overfishing. Consequently, we have an increased appetite for alternatives. Whole Foods recently announced a tomato-based vegan sashimi alternative they are calling “ahimi.” And an episode of Dragon’s Den Canada featured Kelp Caviar – a Canadian caviar alternative made from kelp that won a significant investment from financial author and former Dragon David Chilton. Chilton later reported it was one of his best investments on the show!

Ikea now offers a vegan caviar alternative, SJÖRAPPORT. SJÖRAPPORT is meant to be a red masugo/capelin caviar substitute. I found the texture was quite good, but the flavour is rather intensely that of dill. It also has a rather strong citrusy flavour. I had my mom, husband and older daughter all test it to see what they thought. It was a universal hit. Personally, I didn’t think it tasted enough like caviar, but if you aren’t a big fan of caviar, then you’ll probably like this. And it was delicious when paired with cashew cream cheese. I just probably wouldn’t eat it on its own, since it’s too herb-y for my taste. In the future I will be doing a taste test of the kelp caviar, to see if it more closely approximates the flavour of real caviar.

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