Help stop animal abuse by supporting Bill C-246

Canada hasn’t enacted any new animal abuse legislation in over 125 years. But that might change, thanks Private Member’s Bill C-246, the Modernizing of Animal Protections Act. The bill is being sponsored by Federal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, and promises to make significant changes to Canada’s animal rights legislation.

How Bill C-246 will help stop animal abuse

Highlights of Bill C-246 (you can read the full text of the bill here)

  • Strengthens and modernizes the Canada’s Criminal Code by closing loopholes connected to animal fighting and bestiality (sorry, I know it’s gross, but it’s a very important aspect of the law).
  • Create a GROSS NEGLIGENCE OFFENSE for animal cruelty, making it easier to prosecute negligent puppy mill owners and ensure that they don’t continue to operate.
  • BANS shark fins IMPORT (shark finning refers to the practice of removing a fin from a shark and discarding the remainder of the shark while at sea).
  • BANS selling cat and dog fur in Canada. It also requires fur to be labeled for country of origin.

Why I support Bill C-246

I oppose to “baby steps” animal welfare legislation, such as larger cages for laying hens. I think they tend to just make people feel better about themselves while they continue to exploit animals.

Bill C-246 differs from welfare legislation because it creates an important category for animals under the law that is the first step in differentiating them from mere property. Legal reform takes time, and by introducing the concept of animals as more than property, we are laying the groundwork for future changes.

Most Canadians believe animals have the right to be treated like better than property. We know instinctively that animals are different from inanimate objects and should be treated with respect.

The Canadian vegan community should support this legislation. There hasn’t been meaningful change to our animal rights laws in 125 years. If we want to achieve real rights for animals and end animal exploitation, we need to start making changes.

If you’re Canadian, sign this e-petition

If you’re Canadian, you can sign the e-petition here

Please also contact your local MP. I’ve already contacted my MP here in Calgary – and I’m hoping that others will do the same so that our voices become impossible to ignore.

Right now Prime Minster Trudeau may encourage his cabinet to vote against this non-partisan legislation, simply out of fear that the hunting and animal agriculture industries will retaliate. This is in spite of the fact this bill won’t affect those industries unless they are being deliberately cruel or negligent.

Unless you engage in animal abuse, this legislation shouldn’t worry you in the slightest. And since most Canadians really do care about animals, let’s show the PM that when we are united our voices are every bit as strong as those of factory farms.

Everyone should sign this petition

Whether you’re Canadian or not, sign the petition here. 2,800 signatures are still needed, so please share this with your friends!


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