Am I giving up on the vegan YouTube community?

In recent weeks, many vegan YouTubers have been expressing disappointment with the Vegan YouTube community. And I get it.

Eye-Catching Vegan Drama

There’s a lot of negativity out there – and so much drama that Gawker saw fit to publish a series on it. And they aren’t the only news outlet fascinated by the vegan drama – even the New York Post and Jezebel have gotten in on the action!

This weekend I had an amazing experience meeting with a viewer. She’s from Germany, and we definitely would not have met were it not for YouTube. The experience really reminded me that the Vegan YouTube Community is as real as we make it.

I was inspired by this experience to make the following video. I wanted to encourage all the great YouTubers out there not to give up on our community. There is so much more good than there is bad!

Growing pains for vegan YouTube

The Vegan YouTube community is still in its infancy. And if the infantile behaviour of a few vegan YouTubers didn’t clue you in, you probably know that very few vegan YouTubers are even beginning to approach over a million subscribers.

So┬áVegan YouTube can be all about the drama, if that’s what you’re looking for. But it can be a whole lot more. It can be a great chance to get to know other vegans around the world, to share with them and build relationships that will grow you as a vegan and as a person.

I know a lot of people are disappointed with the endless drama. And unfortunately, many are give up on YouTube altogether, throwing the baby out with the proverbial bathwater.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Be the positivity you want to see in the world! Reach out and connect with the people you’d like to get to know better. And know that there are plenty of other vegans out there who are excited about spreading the vegan message and using YouTube and social media to make friends and allies, not enemies.

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