Faunalytics: Great Research for Vegan Advocates

Today I’d like to share a great resource for information on vegan topics. It’s called Faunalytics. Faunalytics.org is an award-winning “standout charity” researching the latest news in animal advocacy to help connect you to useful information!

faunalyticsIf you write about veganism, or you’re interested in the topic, you’ve probably figured out that you need to do a lot of research. Veganism is in the news constantly these days. But that doesn’t mean the reporting is of any real quality.

Great resource for researchers

Where do you find quality research? I’ve already mentioned nutrition facts.org in passing, which is a great source for information on vegan nutrition.

But what about the latest information on animal rights, animal testing, companion animals, etc?

You aren’t always going to feel like diving directly into research databases, and you might not even have access to them.

Faunalytics is really good for this. They’re constantly updating their website and reviewing the latest the scientific papers related to veganism.  Because they approach these issues from a research-perspective, the results are a lot more reliable than what you’re likely to find in even the best mass-market journalism.

Faunalytics also gives free access to a bunch of awesome datasets. This is really nice if you want to take a deeper look at say, the largest study of vegetarians.

You can also get customized research, too

If you’re a larger organization and you’d like to commission a specific research project from Faunalytics, you can do that too. Obviously you’ll need to pay for that – even non-profits can’t do everything for free!

However, if you’re a small, grass-roots organization, they provide pro-bono work through donor funding.

Faunalytics focuses on effective advocacy

I actually hadn’t heard of Faunalytics until I saw a comment from them on Tobias Leenaert’s Blog, The Vegan Strategist (which is another fantastic resource, by the way!). Faunalytics has been named a standout charity by animalcharityevaluators.org.

Faunalytics aims for maximum efficacy in their advocacy. Each dollar they spend will save between 6-7 animals, They estimate their  work will spare over 1,000,000 animals in 2016.

Whether you’re a journalist, an activist, or just a regular person who’s curious about animal welfare, be sure to check them out!


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