Review: EOS Crystal Lip Balm – Vegan & Cruelty-Free

This summer, Evolution of Smooth released EOS Crystal Lip Balm – the first mass-marketed vegan and cruelty free chapstick. This is huge, because it indicates the world’s largest commercial user of beeswax is moving away from the material. And depending on consumer satisfaction and demand, this may change the beauty industry’s approach to using beeswax in its products.

About EOS

EOS (“Evolution of Smooth”) is an immensely popular brand of iconic, brightly coloured spherical chapstick. In addition to being one of the world’s best-selling lip balms, they are also the largest consumers of organic beeswax in the world.

But EOS’ rise to the top has not been without controversy. The brand was recently embroiled in a class-action lawsuit over possible allergens in their products. The allergies are linked to shea butter, in particular, which can produce allergic reactions in persons with nut allergies.

EOS Crystal Lip Balm

EOS Crystal is the brand’s first foray into vegan products, and is also their first non-wax based product. The new EOS crystal avoids waxes entirely, using clear avocado, coconut, and shea oils instead. The product has a “jellied oil” consistency.

For those of you avoiding petroleum products, EOS Crystal does not petrolatum or vaseline. It relies on clear shea butter instead. The product also contains no water, rendering preservatives unnecessary. Also, if you have any sensitivity to stevia (or just don’t like the flavour), this lip balm is not sweetened with stevia, unlike the rest of EOS’ products. I think the result is excellent – a less cloyingly sweet product.

My Take

I’ve been using the new EOS Crystal lip balm for several days. I live in an extremely cold, dry climate, so I have very dry lips. I also tend to long wear lipstick, which makes matters even worse.

I’ve found that I need to reapply the Crystal lip balm more often than wax-based products, and it is slightly less moisturizing. However, there are some benefits worth considering.

Crystal lip balm has an extremely light, weightless formula that gives the lips shine without a waxy feeling.

This new formula also doesn’t come off on things. I’ve noticed that it doesn’t leave a residue behind on drinking glasses. And if you put it on over lipstick, there is very little transfer – even with long wear lipsticks. It also provides a better base for long wear lipstick (in the past, I’ve experienced a “slipping off” effect with other lip balm I’ve tried). If you put it on over a long wear lipstick, you’ll also notice that the crystal itself doesn’t get “dirty” looking. That’s a rather difficult visual to describe, but I’ve noticed that traditional chapstick tends to pick up a lot of the colour of your lipstick if you apply it afterwards. The crystal doesn’t, leaving your lip balm looking fresh and clean.

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