End The Massive US Dairy Industry Welfare Scam!

Chances are, you’ve probably heard US President Donald Trump railing against the unfair protectionism of the Canadian dairy industry. But he has it backwards.  Canadian government interference in the dairy industry doesn’t hold a candle to the United States’ massive dairy industry welfare program. Every year, the US spends $4 Billion in direct dairy subsidies, but that’s only the beginning. Canada’s Globe and Mail reports that the US government spent over$20 billion USD on dairy subsidies once export, nutrition, loan and irrigation amounts are included. Over half of US dairy industry earnings come in the form of subsidies. Which means that US consumers are actually paying twice the sticker price for that gallon of milk.

US Dairy Industry Subsidies Don’t Work

Yet, in spite of billions of dollars in subsidies, the US dairy industry still struggles. Plant milks have easily made inroads into the dairy market, because consumers are quickly learning that plant milks don’t contain any of the nasty contaminants found in dairy (dairy is one of the top sources of dioxins in the American diet), nor are plant milks loaded with saturated animal fat and cholesterol.

Plants also don’t produce toxic waste. Dairies are one of the top sources of groundwater contamination, and disposing of the waste from thousands of dairy cows is a hazard to public health and safety.

As usual, the US government doesn’t think you should be making this decision yourself, and instead of being happy that plant milks are spreading healthful habits to more people, US politicians are trying to ban the use of the word “milk” on plant milks in the hopes of confusing customers into returning to dairy. Talk about a “nanny state!” The US government doesn’t even trust its citizens to be able to understand that “soy milk” doesn’t come from cows.

Let your elected representative know that you are tired of propping up a dying, destructive industry with your hard-earned tax dollars. End dairy industry welfare!


The podcast I mentioned in the video WUWM News – Milwaukee Public Radio. The interview with Jennifer Shane Sauer of Sauer Dairy farm was conducted in April. The episode has been taken down, but there are several interviews with Sauer that are still up, including one where she argues that only dairy milk should be called “milk”



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