Election 2016: The Aftermath – What Should Vegans do Now?

The US Presidential Election 2016 has come to a close. As the dust settles, how should vegans respond to a Trump victory?

The Real Work Always Begins the Day After the Election

Our most important job as citizens isn’t voting every four years with a ballot – it’s voting every day of our lives through our actions and our words. We have the power to influence elected leaders, whether we voted for them or not, and that’s something we should never forget.

Whether you are happy or devastated by last night’s results, please remember that your work is not done. As citizens of the world, we need to continue to work every day to ensure that we stand alongside those who need our support. Now more than ever, we need to band together to work for the common good.


The results of the election disappointed many of us. But it’s important to realize that no elected leader will do the job we have to do as citizens. No matter how closely a politicians views align with our own, it doesn’t mean they can speak for us.

Tiresome as it might seem, citizenship really is a lifetime responsibility. We never get a day off. If we want to live in free democracies we cannot ever forget or abandon those duties.

Endless Struggle for Equality

As vegans, we know how easy it is for people to dismiss the rights of living beings just because they perceive them as different. Unfortunately, reality tells us that it is in human nature to ignore others if they can be seen as lesser. This is true not only of our treatment of animals, but our treatment of each other.

Mutual respect requires a level of maturity that humanity simply hasn’t achieved thus far. I do believe that we are slowly moving in that direction. I still believe in progress and the ultimate triumph of progressive values. But there is no room for apathy if we are going to make these things happen.humane party logo

Running away is notĀ a legitimate response to Election 2016

A lot of Canadians (myself included) were amused that the Canadian Immigration website crashed last night as frightened Americans began to investigate their options.

But running away is not an option. Election 2016 is over, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to take your ball and go home (or to Canada, I guess, if you have the opportunity to emigrate). Imagine if Martin Luther King Jr. had just thrown up his hands and moved to Canada! Escapism might work as a coping mechanism for a few days, but it doesn’t contribute anything to political discourse.

Don’t move, get organized! Speak out againstĀ the Trump family’s war on exotic animals. Speak out against the torture, murder and slavery we subject animals to every year in the name of agriculture. Stand alongside groups that are threatened by the results of this election. Give your voice to these causes. Give your time to organizations you believe in. But don’t ever give up.

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