Charlottesville: Trump’s Comments Place Him Firmly on the Wrong Side of History

In today’s video I discuss Charlottesville, and President Trump’s comments on August 15th, in which he reaffirmed his statement that “both sides were to blame.”

Charlottesville marks a turning point

While I understand Trump’s desire to forge a middle path, I believe we must also recognize when doing so puts us on the wrong side of history. Unfortunately, I think, much like Robert E. Lee before him, Trump has taken a stand on Charlottesville that leaves his legacy in serious jeopardy and places him squarely on the wrong side of history.

This is nowhere more clearly evidenced than in the mass exodus of many members of his council of advisors, including Merck’s Kenneth Frazier, Intel’s Brian Krzanich and Under Armour’s Kevin Plank. And in a bold move, Larry Summers has even called for the rest of Trump’s Advisory Council to abandon ship.

What’s your legacy?

Every day, we each face critical decisions when it comes to our legacy and the values and beliefs we support. If Trump’s comments can teach us anything, I hope it is that we must carefully weigh our comments in the light of where we wish to be counted in history.

I also recommend reading Leonard Pitt’s Article for the Miami Herald (mentioned in the video).

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