Announcing a series on animal-based luxury foods

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Over the next few weeks, I’ll be publishing a series of posts – a new one each Sunday – on the topic of luxury foods derived from animal products – their meaning and origins, the problems with traditional luxuries, and ideas for how we can redefine luxury for a new era.

What is luxury?

We will begin tomorrow with a post examining the meaning and origins of luxury.

Luxury foods

Part 1  will focus on civet coffee

Part 2 will look at the global trade in caviar and its rise in status as a luxury good

Part 3 investigates the growing popularity of sushi and it’s impact on the world’s oceans

Part 4 examines foie gras

Part 5 will take a look at the rise and prevalence of food fraud, and its connection to so-called delicacies, such as manuka honey.

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