What does my YouTube channel, ModVegan, mean to me?

Thanks to fellow vegan YouTuber MadBlender, I’ve been tagged to talk about “What YouTube Means to Me.” So in this blog post and the accompanying video, I’ll be talking about what my YouTube channel, ModVegan, means to me.

I never thought I would start a YouTube channel! I’ve enjoyed blogging on and off since 2007 (so, for a while), but video seemed very intimidating. It didn’t seem like a natural fit because I’ve never really been interested in acting or drama. I’ve always enjoyed giving lectures though, and when I figured out that I could basically just talk to people about my opinions on YouTube, it changed everything. The rest is history, but this video will make it much clearer!

1. Why did you start a YouTube channel?

I was watching vegan YouTube and I was starting to get really annoyed/enthusiastic about Eisel Mazard’s channel, a bas le ciel. It was quite thought-provoking for me as a new vegan, and he had comments turned off. So it was really clear that the only way I really could respond was to make my own videos.

2. How has your channel content evolved?

At the beginning I tried to do what I saw other people doing – videos about vegan makeup and foods, etc. Then I realized that just wasn’t me. I’m a diehard nerd, and it was a lot easier to just be myself. If I was going to keep this up long-term, I had to make content that I enjoyed, not just content for others. What is it that they say? “Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” It’s very true!

3. What do you hope to gain from your channel?

I’d like to help grow the vegan community online, and give a voice to what I call “modern vegans” which I feel are underrepresented.

4. What has been the biggest challenge of having a channel?

Nasty comments are not fun, obviously. But I think the biggest challenge is crafting your argument in a way that it is clear to your audience. I really want my content to come across clearly.

5. What has been the greatest reward of having a channel?

Definitely all of the amazing people who I have met! It’s amazing all the great comments I get. And I’ve even had the chance to meet a viewer from halfway around the world in real life! It’s been an amazing experience to meet new people and share with each other.

6. Where do you see your channel in one year?

I hope it will have grown and that it will be helping people find answers to their questions about veganism. I’d also like to start making better videos!  And of course continue to provide new and interesting stories from  vegan news and politics.

Thank you once again everyone for all of your support and encouragement!

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