Nation Rising Canada: Ending Subsidies for Animal Agriculture

I’m often frustrated by the lack of political strategy within the animal rights movement. Fortunately, advocates for the planet, people and animals are starting to get organized, and here in Canada we have a new organization that I would like to share with you, called Nation Rising.

Nation Rising is a Canadian grassroots political advocacy group working to build a broad based movement to help end subsidies for animal agriculture and transition Canada to plant-based farming. They will be leading a march on Parliament Hill in Ottowa on July 14, 2018, so this is a great time to start planning to join!

Nation Rising has three main demands they would like to see the Canadian Government address:

End Subsidies for Animal Agriculture

The Canadian government spends  a fortune on subsidies for animal agriculture each year. This is in spite of the fact that Canada’s New Food Guide (which will be released in spring of 2018) asks Canadians to eat fewer animal products and more plant-based foods. Why should we subsidize foods that our health experts want people to eat less of? 

Make Health Food Affordable

An important part of Canada’s new food guide mandate is helping make healthy food more affordable and accessible. What better way to do that than to offer subsidies for healthy plant-based foods?

Help Farmers Transition to Plant-Based Agriculture

Nation Rising would like to see the government offer farmers the chance to move away from animal based farming and towards plant-based agriculture. Programs aimed at transitioning farmers to new forms of agriculture are already being tried in Colombia, where farmers that grow coca are being trained (and paid) to grow new crops.

Already 40% of the goal of forced eradication has been met, and 86,000 families – who account for as much as 76,000 hectares of coca – have signed on to crop substitution programs in exchange for subsidies of about $11,000 per farmer over the course of two years, according to the government. – The Guardian

I write frequently about how plant based products are the future of food. We need to invest in that future here in Canada. As Murad Al Katib has shown with his company, AGT foods, the Canadian prairies are a perfect environment for growing pulses and other healthy plant-based proteins. Canada can be a leader in the new plant-based economy.


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