Summer 2017 Vegan and Cruelty-Free Makeup Favorites

What are your favourite vegan makeup products? Today I thought I’d talk about some of the products that I’ve been using daily over the past few months.

The first are a couple of products from Kat Von D. Kat Von D is a well-known vegan makeup artist. Nearly all of her makeup is vegan, aside from a few older products that she is in the process of reformulating. The entire line is cruelty-free. I recently discovered her “Lock-It” foundation and concealer, and I really enjoy the products. They last all day, and the concealer provides great coverage, and is totally creaseless under the eyes (plus it works well for blemishes, and not all concealer products work well for both areas).

For moisurizer, I use Tarte’s Tarteguard sunscreen/moisturizer. It has 30 SPF and is vegan and cruelty-free. I have fair skin, so I like this product because it offers decent sun protection. As I mention in the video, I’ve been using this sunscreen during the┬áday. At night, I use coconut oil or argan oil.

For mascara, I just discovered Too Faced “Better than Sex” mascara. It’s vegan makeup and cruelty-free, and it does a great job curling the lashes, which is important for me, because I have extremely straight lashes. It’s nice and thick and works well for lengthening and thickening your lashes. If you like a more natural look, it may not be for you, but I love it.

Finally, I’ve really been enjoying Stila’s Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow liquid eyeshadow in “Kitten Karma.” This is definitely the most glittery eye shadow I’ve come across. If you love glitter, this will impress you! It’s super sparkly, and you can use it anywhere you want some extra sparkle (which for me means all over my eye).

Thanks so much for watching!

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